Sunday, 15 July 2012


After - a new sitting space with a real sofa and comfy chairs.
After weeks of noise, dust and chaos, the last stages of the renovation went very quickly - just as I was starting to think that it Really Wasn't Funny Any More, Lood and his workers sealed the last section of floor, and just like that, the space was ready to be furnished. Late on Tuesday night, with generous wine accompaniment, Johann and I made ourselves comfortable on the new sofa.

Before - small and cramped.
I wanted to spend a bit of Wednesday moving everything in, putting pictures up and reclaiming all the rooms in the rest of the house that had been stuffed with stuff for so long, but in the end it took the whole day. But it was worth it.

A much bigger space for the dining table.
I had high hopes for the new space but it really exceeded all my expectations, not least because Lood paid such careful attention to detail and found ingenious ways around several head-scratching problems (like seriously skew walls). The Oregon-pine floors we found under the wall-to-wall carpeting were a huge bonus - they look amazing after just a light sanding and wood treatment. They've also slightly ameliorated the hysteria when anyone arrives at the front door, because the dogs can't get paw-purchase on the wood, and instead of barrelling straight for the visitor, expend a bit of their energy scrabbling!

For some reason I couldn't at first work out, the new little sitting room has a 'London' feel - then I realised it's because the window looks directly onto the street. Paul confirmed this - his first impression, he said, was that it felt 'European'. (Thanks to Paul and Terry for so enthusiastically helping me roof-wet the new space - and to Terry's clock for informing us that it was well past 4am when we began to think of calling it a night!)

Another cracker gift from Terry -
a replica station clock.

Bedroom after (with new window).

Spare room before.

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