Saturday, 9 June 2012

The joy of knitting II: a jersey for Athens

I recently took up knitting again for the first time in over 20 years, and I've become completely obsessed with it. So far, I've made the hideous gilet I mentioned here (which I love and wear often, and which draws comment - some of it amused - wherever I go), and finished the black woolly jacket (pictured left); and I've knitted a pair of woolly socks (the two turned out to be completely different shapes and sizes, which was something of a puzzle, but I'm knitting while I watch TV, so that probably explains that) and am well on my way to completing a second (and hopefully more similar) pair.

But the most fun I've had was knitting a jersey for Athens, Jill's little dachshund. (Jill is the creative genius behind my gorgeous garden mosaics, here and here.) I used the same furry wool as for the black jacket, and had to guess at the shape and size (because I knitted it without having Athens around to measure), so it was a hit-and-miss affair, but luck was with me, and it fits Athens perfectly. She looks like royalty in it, and we agree that a string of pearls would be just the thing to round it off. (I love this picture of her modelling her jersey, with her tail wagging so fast that it's a blur.)

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