Thursday, 31 May 2012

Housemates together again after almost 3 decades

Me, Terry and Andy in Rondebosch East, 1985
A few months ago I told some tales about part of my misspent youth, sharing a house with Terry and Andy in Rondebosch East back in 1985/6. It's been fantastic reconnecting with Terry, and this week he sprung a wonderful surprise on me when I visited him in his Bat Cave in Cape Town.

He told me that he'd invited a third person - an old friend of his - to join us for a prawn-dinner blowout at the Seaforth in Simons Town, and put his considerable sales skills to good use in persuading me that it was a good idea - I wasn't keen on meeting someone new. So I really was blown away when our old housemate, Andy, turned up.

Terry, me and Andy, Simons Town, 2012
It was another excellent reunion, and the 'all you can eat' prawn supper reminded us all of regularly doing the very same thing together at East 19 restaurant in Mowbray (which closed down a long time ago). We also went to the Polana for drinks afterwards, and spent some hysterical hours remembering stuff we (well, mostly they) got up to 27 years ago.

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