Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Juno’s fabulous food soon to be available in book form!

Jane-Anne Hobbs, who started this blog and wrote as ‘Juno’ for several years before turning her energy to her food blog, Scrumptious, spent many months of last year slaving over a hot stove to produce a cookbook, which will be published by Random House Struik at the beginning of July.

‘Although I can’t yet tell you what the title of the book is, it has (of course!) the word ‘‘Scrumptious’’ in it,’ she says. ‘What I can reveal is that it’s a beautiful, full-colour dustjacketed hardback, filled with superlative photographs, and that it contains 90 of my original, triple-tested recipes, most of them entirely new.’

Jane-Anne and I have long shared a deep love of food, and I know that every one of her recipes will be a winner, and that her cookbook will become a beloved kitchen staple. (I’m also hoping that now that the book is in production, she’ll answer some of my emails!)

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Jane-Anne said...

Thank you for this dearest Muriel. I am lolling in KZN, otherwise I would have thanked you earlier. And what's this about not answering emails? Who, me? HOLLOW LAUGH! xxx