Sunday, 8 April 2012

Another reunion

A couple of months ago my friend Troy phoned me with a story. He was invited to a party and, because he doesn’t drive, a friend of a friend, Lee, was despatched to fetch him. During the drive, they made small-talk, as two strangers stuck in a car for any length of time tend to do. When Troy discovered where Lee lives, he began the ‘do you know…?’ game that strangers tend to play, regardless of the likelihood (and it’s usually small) of any mutual acquaintances actually being established.

But here’s where the story gets interesting. Troy meant to ask Lee, ‘Do you know Peter So-and-so?’ (the name of the guy who lives in Lee’s neighbourhood) but mistakenly said, ‘Do you know Peter Hawthorne?’ (which is my father’s name). When Lee answered, ‘Yes, I do know Peter Hawthorne, and I went to school with his daughter, Tracey,’ Troy says there were several seconds of stunned silence. And in this completely coincidental way, Lee and I made contact again.

So, last week, three Parktown Girls’ High School pupils, class of 1982, got together at my house with our families for a very festive reunion. Mandy (who’s been my BFF since long before ‘BFF’ was a buzzword – we met in Grade 1, 42 years ago, and were inseparable through the 12 years of school; and we’ve never lost contact) came from Joburg with her family (her husband and four sons, aged 7 to 27) and Lee came from Cape Town with her son (11) and daughter (19).

Parktown Girls' High, winter 1981: me (squinting),
Carolyn (another schoolfriend who Lee's
still in contact with), Lee (right) and
Mandy (bottom).
Riebeek Kasteel, summer 2012 (30 years later):
Lee, me and Mandy


With our families. (My daughter is missing from this group pic as she took the photo.)

The more things change, the more they stay the same

Yet another recent reunion was with my friend Angie, after an absence of eight years. And, as evidenced by these pics (the recent ones are awful quality, because my daughter took them on her cellphone), we slipped straight back into what we always loved doing most: dancing.


Above: Riebeek Kasteel, winter 2004

Below: Riebeek Kasteel, summer 2012

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