Thursday, 9 February 2012

Sister Moon

One of the wonderful things about living away from the city is the clear views above. Because there’s no light pollution, the night skies are often dazzlingly clear; and because there are no tall buildings, the views are panoramic.

It’s not easy to miss a full moon out here – the silvery brilliance makes the landscape glow, the dogs and cats are restless, and if you bed down outside (which I often do in summer because it’s so hot), the ghostly light is likely to keep you awake.

Our valley is also ideally oriented for a full-moon evening – as the sun sets behind the Kasteelberg in the west, the full moon rises over the mountains on the other side of the vast valley. (I don’t know what ‘our’ portion of this very extensive mountain range – part of the Cape Fold mountains – is called; it lies between the Winterhoek and the Hawequas, and I’ve heard it called the Voelvleiberg, after the dam, and the Limietberg.) And because our towns are situated a little up the shoulder of the Kasteelberg, the views are truly spectacular.

Usually the rising moon looks gigantic, but for some reason, Tuesday’s moon was small on the horizon. It was still its usual gorgeous self, though.
Chef BelAir has temporarily traded life in the middle of nowhere for life in the middle of the middle of nowhere; click here for his evocative take on full moon in the bush.

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