Friday, 10 February 2012

Checkit! A whole new look without the trauma of permanence!

My daughter introduced me to this very entertaining app (is it an app? I use the word as if I know what it means, but I don’t). She showed me this photo of herself and asked if I knew who it was. I experienced a very strange little jolt of recognition, but couldn’t put a name to it. ‘It’s me!’ she said.

The weird sense of déjà vu came clear a few days later when she posted the pic on her Facebook page and tagged me in it, and a very long-ago ex-boyfriend saw it and emailed me, ‘OMG! I’ve just seen a pic of a blonde girl on your Facebook page and it took me back 25 years!’

Because 25 years ago I had short blonde spiky hair. (It wasn’t quite as groomed as this do, but the general feel was the same.)

So I gave myself a virtual makeover and this is what I look like now with short blonde hair. I can’t really see the resemblance between myself and my daughter, but 25 years has been known to wreak havoc make changes.

Go here to give yourself a virtual makeover.

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1 comment:

Gretchen Bong Spoodle said...

I laaik it! I see the resemblance, although I might be the tiniest bit biased.