Friday, 9 September 2011

A hat-trick of achievements

On Wednesday this week, my daughter turned 20. She’s been waiting for, well, 10 years not to be a teenager any more, so this was a biggie. She did, of course, immediately go into that peculiarly female nosedive about her age, and mooch about muttering, ‘I’m getting so ooold,’ which we on the shady side of 40 found amusing. My birthday present to her was this tattoo; the word is ‘veritas’, which repeats itself in her contribution to one of the garden mosaics.

Talking of mosaics, Jill finished the firepit one on Wednesday. This one was particularly fiddly, as each flame had to be positioned separately, and then carefully grouted. My word contribution – 'geselligheid', Afrikaans for 'conviviality' – is here. The mosaic is already stunningly beautiful, but once the lippia lawn has grown in around it, it’s going to be simply astonishing!

And the third achievement, also on Wednesday, was that my son finally got his driver’s licence (on his second try). This has been a long adventure involving countless trips to the Malmesbury Traffic Department, and plenty of frayed nerves. It means that not only is he now truly independent, I can retire my ‘Mom’s Taxi’ job description - one I’ve held, and seldom willingly, for two decades.

We all celebrated this hat-trick with some limited-edition Klein Optenhorst Pinot Noir Method Cap Classique 2009 (thanks Naas and Melissa), a delicious lunch at Bar Bar Black Sheep, and a slice of this charming lemon cake made by my daughter and our friend Ruan – if you look closely, you’ll see that they wrote ‘Happy 20 and licence’ on it.

What a great start to spring!

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Gretchen Bong Spoodle said...

My tattoo looks rather sickly there.
I'm just letting you all know that it was just covered in Betadine, and is not coloured that way. Because that would be disturbing.

Claudine said...

Very nice ink.

Gretchen Bong Spoodle said...

Thanks! =)

Adesias said...

Well Tracey, you know what? We're sitting outside, talking about you, and one thing leading to another, we started reminiscing Holland and read your latest postings, which triggered my wife's memory about this september post, so here it is: About the second achievement, the word also exists in Dutch, and they proudly affirm that the concept is so unique that the word "gezelligheid" can NOT be translated. It therefore came as a shock to my wife that you DO provide an English equivalent!

We also have "convivialité" in French btw.

Tracey said...

Hi Adesias. Yes, I was also told by the Dutch that the word is unique and has no English equivalent, although I was taught the Afrikaans version of the word and its English translation at school, and have always used it in that context. But then, a Dutchwoman also told us that the beloved Dutch legend of the boy who stuck his finger in the dyke was a story made up by the Americans. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

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