Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Relaxing in the autumn sun

Having two (three if Maxi’s visiting) dogs, four cats and a flock of hens (one of which, Goldie, is a nut-job) makes for sometimes stressful inter-species (and, indeed, intra-species) interaction. And especially where this cat, Flossie, is concerned – she is the half-cat, half-badger non-conformist member of the household.

At night, she creeps onto my bed and snuggles up to me in the most endearing way. But during the day, if she encounters me anywhere in the house or garden, she flees in apparent terror. And if I see her sleeping in the sun somewhere and approach her to give her a friendly little cuddle, she shies away from me as if all I ever do is beat her. It’s a bit disturbing.

So these pictures are particularly sweet. Not only is Flossie relaxing in the autumn sun with human and canine, she’s also generously allowing herself to be petted. Aaaaaw!

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