Thursday, 9 June 2011

‘If I’d known they’d turn out like this, I would have fed them to the shark’

That was Johann’s take on what I should have said when he saw this appalling picture of me and my kids, taken at the Two Oceans Aquarium a few weeks ago – the shark in question being the big fish in the first Two Oceans pic we posed for (below), for the cover of Getaway magazine way back in 1997, when my sprogs were just 5 and 4 years old. (Patrick Wagner, the photographer who took the pic, died in a plane crash in Kenya the following year.)

We are not a photogenic family, as any regular reader of salma will be able to attest, but the recent Two Oceans pic really did take the cake – or that’s what it appears both my children have eaten, and lots of it. They are big people in real life – my son stands well over 6 foot – but believe me when I say this photograph seriously packs on the pounds. As for me, ‘You look like you’ve been sprinkled with dust by the Acid Fairy,’ said my daughter.

The photographer clearly found us a challenge – this was one of about five pics he took, and after each one he looked at his preview screen and frowned embarrassedly, then asked us to pose for another. In the end, it came down to choosing the best of a truly bad bunch, and we just picked the one that had the most fish in it.

We were so hysterical over this picture that we could hardly eat the sarmies we bought at a Waterfront restaurant afterwards – and it was just as well we were weak with mirth, because the bill was no laughing matter: R260 for three fairly simple sandwiches and three Grapetisers. Wow, way to rip us off, The Waterfront!

We took these pics ourselves with a camera-phone – see, we’re not monsters!
(And we managed to get the shark in this one.)

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Wow. Nice wax figures.