Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Getting the kids out the house

I find myself in a somewhat unplanned-for situation. Just when I thought my sprogs would be off my hands, studying to be rocket scientists or the writers of the next Great South African Novel (or, you know, washing cars or dishes for a living), they’re both back home again.

I wrote a column about this for parent24, in fact, some years ago; I didn’t think at the time it would come back to haunt me quite so soon.

So, to prevent my daughter lolling about in the living room and plaiting her hair into ever-smaller braids (I’m worried it might eventually all fall out, and guess who’s going to have to cough up for implants if it does?), I signed her up on a cake-decorating course.

She came back with these little treasures. And – bonus – they’re very delicious too!

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