Monday, 2 May 2011

And on to happier things…

We’ve had quite a bit of chaos here recently, and through it all Balu and Sara have endured, sense of humour intact. Dear things.

Balu has licked every person coming in (and, often, going out) as if her very life depended on it; quickly, the dozens of strangers through the gate every day clocked her raised hackles and frenzied barking to mean ‘Hiyyaaa!’ (in a good way). Lood of Fluksnuts, especially, won her heart – even if he’d just stepped out the gate for a second, when he came back, Balu greeted him with licky abandon, as if she hadn’t seen him for at least a year, and Lood good-naturedly returned the favour (minus, um, the licks).

Sara has been less enthusiastic about the people influx but no less willing to accept that for weeks on end her living environment has been turned upside-down and sometimes she can’t even be in it.

The one dog disaster was, of course, Balu’s fault. Caine, the master-plasterer, spent special time plastering the edges of the Zen garden, and later, because the dogs had been inside all day, I thoughtlessly let them out and didn’t keep an eye on them. Balu immediately barrelled straight across a plastered section, destroying hours of work. Caine’s fury was terrifying. The dogs (and I) spent the next two days cowering inside.

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