Tuesday, 5 April 2011

They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere!

I always knew Balu the Monster Baby was special, and now I know why: she’s part of a secret breed that is slowly but surely taking over the world.

These three mixed-breed dogs aren’t related in any way at all but the resemblance between them is uncanny. They’re all medium-sized dogs with a strong border collie component in their black shaggy coat and fountainy tail; and all three also have a tan muzzle, collarbones and legs, and (especially) ‘Rottweiler eyebrows’.

The first picture is of my very own Balu, who is the known product of a border collie and a chocolate Labrador (ie, definitely no Rottweiler).

This one is of Stanley, who lives up the road from us. Stan, a 'pavement special', is a very energetic dog in which the border collie is strong (he’s obsessed with playing ‘fetch’) but who’s also a fantastic water-retriever (which makes me wonder if there isn’t Labrador in him too). Stan’s owner, Chris, says that he met some people on the weekend who had a mixed-breed who (again!) very closely resembled these dogs, complete with the ‘Rottweiler eyebrows’. (See? quietly taking over the planet.)

And this one lives with her owner, Kristine, in Chicago, on the other side of the globe!

I rest my case.

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Gretchen Bong Spoodle said...

I'm so glad. They are the best dogs. In The World.

Anonymous said...

Hi Muriel
I had a little version of one of these dogs when I was at school. I called her Twiggy and she was my absolute baby. We were driving to Worcester...the car ahead of us tossed her out the window..on the highway!!!! Besides being severely traumatised..surprisingly unharmed.
Well she soon made her mark at home..bossing our other two (large) dogs around and generally just being adorable. The size of a Jack Russell but the heart of a lion. RIP Twiggy

Anonymous said...

Your Balu and Stan the dog up the road both look like purebred English Shepherds. It's a non-AKC breed developed in North America 100 years ago. You can see pictures of my two black & tan ES (along with some of other colors) here: http://caledoniamission.org/dogs/mydogs/