Friday, 1 April 2011

More noise! (But this time I’m making it)

I’ve posted before about the noise I’ve endured since I moved to this small country town over a decade ago, and now it seems I’m getting my own back.

I have builders. I have lots of builders. I have builders installing fascias and gutters, repairing walls, painting, mixing concrete in a concrete mixer, pouring foundations, using jackhammers to loosen rock-hard soil and chainsaws to cut down trees… I have builders cutting, hammering, yanking, carrying, wheelbarrowing, driving bakkies, emptying bakkies, filling bakkies... The commotion is incredible.

But, yesterday, even in the midst of all this, there was one sound that was driving me absolutely nuts.

While I was working in my study (which, being a home office, is right in the middle of this maelstrom), I heard someone out on the front verandah having what seemed to be a long, bossy and one-sided conversation with (I assumed) the foreman. She went on and on and on, until I thought, Oh, for goodness sake, give the poor man a chance to get a word in!

I just had to find out who this garrulous person was, so I crept into my kitchen and peeked out. The verandah was empty. And yet the woman was rabbiting on.

Strange, I thought, and went to the front door and threw it open. And there was a transistor radio, tuned to a talk station, babbling loudly away, with no-one around but me to hear it. All the builders had moved to the other side of the house to do some hammering, yammering and clamouring there.

I stalked outside and switched off the bloody thing, then went back to my study to work. But about an hour later, the chattering was back.

This time, I didn’t bother with the curtain-twitching – I dashed to the front door, flung it open and stared around wildly, intending to crap on whomever was insisting on this additional noise element. But no-one was there. Someone had evidently come to the front verandah (perhaps to fetch a tool of some sort), noticed the radio had been switched off, switched it back on again, then returned to the other side of the house.

God! I thought only teenagers left radios on in unoccupied rooms, but apparently builders do too. Perhaps they also switch and leave on lights for the mere joy of doing so, and open the fridge then stand contemplatively in front of it for several minutes, scratching their bums. Maybe they are also incapable of finding their socks without shouting, ‘Maaa! I can’t find my socks!’

I switched the damned thing off and went back inside.

An hour later… well, let’s just say The Battle of the Transistor Radio was on.

Throughout the course of the day, I turned off the radio three times, and it was turned back on by a mystery person three times. Still, I may have lost the battles, but I won the war: the transistor radio is no longer in evidence. I am getting some hostile looks, however, from one of the builders, so I’m pretty sure I know who the owner of the radio is.

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Kristine said...

i'm leaving this comment here because the picture that interested me is older, but is that your dog below? the rotweiller/border collie looking dog? i'm asking this because i have THE EXACT SAME DOG! i had to do a quadrouple take, because i swore it was her. they could be TWINS! i live in chicago.

Kristine said...

this dog

Muriel said...

Yes, Balu is my dog - she is the light of my life (well, one of them - the other is my other dog, Sara). She is a cross border collie brown labrador. She has a friend up the road called Stanley who is a rescue dog and isn't related to her in any way at all, but who also looks identical to her. She is such a great dog - very smart and loving. Stanley has a similiar personality but is much more obsessive (so presumably the border collie in him is stronger). Please send me a pic of your dog!

Madi said...

Hi Tracey - I love your blog! And have lots of empathy with your building process as I've had several similar processes at my own house over the last few years -all of them leaving me looking considerably older and feeling increasingly cynical re builders' promises and modus operandi. Less empathy with the pink undies -looks quite sexy in fact - you should be able to successfully ambush an unsuspecting male with those! Also loved the old posting about the visit to Edinburgh - I distinctly remember the incredible cold and snow that cut right through my thin SA coat which "forced" me to gatecrash an upper brow art exhibit (private invitation only)which I happened to pass on my way walking back to the B&B -I glimpsed glasses of wine through the window, pushed my nose in the air and walked in - gulped down two glasses, ignoring the curious stares and walked out again, feeling much better. Greetings, Madi H

Muriel said...

I've posted a pic of Kristine's dog - isn't the resemblance amazing?
Hi Madi - love your Edinburgh experience. I LOVED Edingburgh, would live there if it weren't so damned cold. I'm thinking of visiting Kakamas in July - will you be there?