Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Good Voice goofs

I don’t have much time for Bono and his tinted glasses. Anyone whose name is really Paul Hewson but who opts to go by the name Bono Vox (‘good voice’) deserves all he gets.

Still, I did feel a bit for him for putting his foot so thoroughly in it on the eve of U2’s South African appearances. And, unfortunately for him, the phrase ‘It was taken out of context’ is now just South African politician-speak for ‘Whoops’.

That said, even if you are an astronomically rich globe-trotting do-gooder, fighting poverty in Africa and what-what, you should probably familiarise yourself with the cultural and sociopolitical nuances of the country whose people’s wallets you've lightened to the tune of tens of millions of rands to watch you sing (not cure cancer, eradicate slavery or cool the planet) before you offer your views. Because, in South Africa, we have abundant living proof of that old adage: ‘Opinions are like arseholes: everyone has one.’

And we don’t need more. Of either.

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Rob Woodburn said...

and boy, doesn't Bono like mouthing his opinions!

Tony Park said...