Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Tony Park comes to Kasteel (again)

In January 2008, following a lengthy email correspondence, bestselling Aussie author Tony Park and his wife Mrs Blog came to Riebeek Kasteel and we partied all night. A week ago they visited again – but this time ‘just for lunch’ because they had things to do and people to see in the city the next day, and Mrs Blog still remembers the difficulty with which they had to negotiate real life the day after our last get-together.

We had a sensible lunch (thanks, Tony!) at Auntie Pasti, and we kept our wine drinking to a minimum because the Parks had to deal with red tape the next morning and everyone knows such things can’t be done on a hangover. So I can’t really remember when or how things deteriorated, but, well, they did. It wasn’t helpful that I hadn’t prepared anything for dinner but that we nonetheless partied on for many, many hours, fuelled only by what we’d eaten at lunchtime, plus a large helping of the giant lemon-meringue pie Chris had brought a few days previously. (And which is still feeding much of the neighbourhood – thanks, Chris!)

During the course of a long and winding night, I did learn that Tony doesn’t only write fabulously – he also plays various kinds of guitar, including air-guitar (below left) and person-guitar (below right).

It’s probably just as well we get together only every three years.

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1 comment:

tonypark said...

Yes, a fun time was had by all. I'm just getting on top of my blog checking and I wondered if the 'person guitar' post made it.

Guess what - 'The Delta' is now out in SA and is number 2 in the CNA at Joburg airport, so people all around the world will be reading about that strumpet Tracey.

Lovely to see you again, especially as you are the only other person in the world apart from Mike Curb (and his connection) who knows all the words to All the Burning Bridges.