Thursday, 9 September 2010

Fame at last! I’m in Tony Park’s latest novel, The Delta

My friend, Australian best-selling author Tony Park (whom I met virtually when I wrote scathingly about a sex scene in one of his earlier novels on this very blog; and in the flesh when he and his wife Nicola came and stayed overnight here in my very own house on one of their Africa forays), introduced me to the fascinating concept of auctioning off real people’s names to be used as characters in a novel - for a good cause, of course. So his latest book, The Delta, has several characters with real-life alter-egos, and these people contributed to various charities for the honour.

I didn’t buy my place in The Delta, and when you read about what my bad-girl alter-ego gets up to in the novel, you’ll probably understand why. Tony did give me the option of donating one of my pseudonyms, but in the end I decided I wanted to see my real name in print. This wasn’t only to do with the thrill of being famous (even if vicariously); it was also because I did actually once live at Xakanaxa Camp in Botswana’s Moremi Game Reserve, where my The Delta alter-ego lives – the coincidence was just too good to pass up.

Here are some pics, taken at Xakanaxa in 1988 – with my pet squirrel (the cutest thing you ever did see, and generous with gifts such as half-eaten grasshoppers with their entrails dangling out, which she regularly left on my pillow for me); outside the tent that was my home for many months; and with two of our guides (this itsy-bitsy bikini is the closest I ever got to any similarity to my The Delta alter-ego; and, yes, hard as it may be to believe, swimming cozzies of that kind were fashionable back then).

I’m really looking forward to reading my copy of The Delta, which arrived in the mail today. This is partly because I was actually halfway through the proofs of the book last October when that pesky vertebra finally ruptured and put me in the hospital – and for weeks afterwards I was so delightfully hopped up on a heavenly cocktail of sleeping pills and painkillers that I couldn’t have read a cereal box, never mind a book.

Here’s a little taste of the wicked girl that is me in Tony’s book. To find out how really nasteh she can be, you’ll have to buy the book yourself.

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ali g said...

Great character Mez
Kinda naughty but naughty & nice except for getting poor old Sam beaten up when it wasn't his fault. tch tch.

Juno said...

YOU. ARE. TERRIBLE. MURIEL. Didn't I say so all along? What a strumpet. Very proud of you my darling friend. xx

Juno said...

Pale buttery skin... hypnotic hips. You have to borrow me a lend of this book Mur.