Thursday, 26 August 2010

Leaving washing out in the rain

I left my washing out last night and it rained. It's still raining this morning. I'm quite happy to let my washing hang there until the sun comes out and dries it, whenever that may be. But I can tell you that my late sainted mother is looking down at me from heaven and shaking her head sadly like she used to do when I was a teenager and she caught me getting stoned on the garage roof with the next-door-neighbour-boy.

Is letting your washing hang in the rain just allowing it to get a natural last rinse (as I fondly imagine) or is it some sort of cardinal sin (as my mother believed)? And if the latter, why?

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Claudine said...

My late grandmother would rush out in the rain to get hers off the line. She had a thing for the neighbours looking over the fence if she had any underwear out.

Muriel said...

So is the don't-leave-your-washing-in-the-rain an old wives' tale, do you think? I vaguely remember learning at school that every drop of rain forms around a tiny mote of dust - does that mean that any 'natural final rinse' comes with a bit of natural dirt too? (But even if it does - it's clean dirt, hey?)

Anonymous said...

Hey, all that extra work taking the washing off the line and then hanging it up again when the sun comes out is not for me! And I do worry about the dirt falling but not that much that I would do something about it! Besides, I'd get wet going out in the rain!

Claudine said...

Ja I think it must be else the acid in the rain would have melted our skins by now ;).