Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Back on Planet Rock'n'Roll

I earned a bit of real ♪ money-money-money ♫ this month for the first time in ages (I’m hoping this is a sign that ♪ the times they are a-changin’, ♫ rather than a ♪ jumping-jack-flash in the pan ♫), and went straight out to buy a new ♪ thankyou-for-the-music ♫ system. (My trusty old Wharfdale gave up the ghost last year, and I haven’t been able to afford to replace it until now.)

The new ‘home theatre system’ came in a big box with enough Styrofoam packaging to destroy an entire planet all on its own. When I finally unpacked everything I was, I admit, a little intimidated – so many bits and pieces, so many wires, so many cables… where would I put them all?

The guidebook is actually quite understandable, which is a first in my experience. (I tried to key some auto-instructions into my microwave oven a while ago, using the guidebook provided, and failed spectacularly. Now, I have a microwave that can do everything including, quite likely, fly to the moon, but all I can use it for is the 2-minute ‘quick defrost’ and the 1-minute ‘cook’ options, with repeated stabs at the ‘start’ button when longer periods are required.)

Anyway, so using the guidebook and with much reference to the handily colour-coded cables, and crawling around in the ceiling with pliers and electrical tape, I finally managed to install the system, which includes a subwhoofer, a central speaker and four directional speakers. I did irritatingly time-wasting things like imagining that one of the cables was too short, and going to the trouble of splicing more cable into it, before realising that a good couple of metres of it was curled up behind a pot plant. I also whacked my head a star-studded shot on a low ceiling beam (there was blood and everything). But other than those clear indications of my own stupidity, the installation was amazingly easy.

So now, at last, I once again have a music system capable of blowing your skirt up. My neighbours are going to be so thrilled!

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Claudine said...

So what is going to be blaring out of it? Might I suggest some Armand van Helden mixes? :)

Muriel said...

You may indeed! My music choices certainly need to be dragged kicking and screaming into this century!

Claudine said...

LOL! I clubbed back in the 80s in Cape Town. My fav was DV8, under the moshpit at the Playground. Full on techno head. Most of the stuff I listen to are remixes of the popular stuff back then.

Some inspiration for your neighbours to leave, quickly :