Monday, 19 July 2010

Keeping warm

It gets pretty chilly here under the mountain in winter, and living in a big ole house that wasn’t built with benefit of a spirit level (and so has yawning gaps between practically every door/window and its frame) has its challenges. Mainly, we huddle around the fire, but there are other ways to keep warm.

Evan the cat takes advantage of any warm body; here, he snuggles up to a rather suspicious-looking Balu. When no live heater is available, he’ll settle for the warmth coming off the stereo.

Maui prefers this butcher’s block, which is usefully positioned against the stove.

Sara the Not-So-Wobbly-Anymore Dog, warmly wrapped up.

In summer it’s the verandah that’s the favourite place for a quick snooze; in winter it’s the sofa in the living room. Here, Maxi and his mom and Sara catch a few Zs.

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1 comment:

ali g said...

Wonderful photos...looks like our place..just inherited another two German Spitzes [Kliens] as their owner very ill.Now got seven Spitzes all snuggled up with each other as pretty cold here at the moment too. will email you a picture of 'Alice' one of the new arrivals. cute beyond all words.