Friday, 2 July 2010

Impressions of Nieu-Bethesda

This is the back garden of the house loaned to us by Katrin and Ian, long-time residents of the town. It has a wonderful Zen feeling to it. For info about renting the house, go to

The house was simply but comfortably furnished. Best of all was the bedding - down duvets and mohair blankets, with the option of electric blankets and/or hotwater bottles - the winter here is fuh-reezing! This was the room with the girl ghost in it.

The town is fed by a spring, channelled here towards the new, refurbished mill where three types of local beer are brewed.

The town is rich in unexpected imagery. Here, a 'drive slow' sign, posted in the middle of a vacant plot, dances with a cactus. As in many small South African towns, the church is Nieu-Bethesda's focal point.

This is 'The Corner of Debauchery' in the Owl House. It reminded me of Johann. Hmmm, I wonder why...

Local artists produce work modelled on Helen Martins's outside the Owl House. Here, Tanya chats to the granddaughter of Koos Malgas, who makes mermaids, crosses, owls and other cement-and-glass sculptures.

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Impressions of Nieu-Betthesda
Where can I buy such a beautiful, blue Mohair Throw? In Switzerland there are not.
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