Thursday, 24 June 2010

On the road again: a serendipitous meeting

Some years ago, Ronaldo and I (who have done some trips together and are comfortable travelling companions) realised, by random SMSs and phonecalls, that we were both on road trips through South Africa. Although we never met up, we did keep crossing paths – our itineraries were peculiarly similar, even if they didn’t match in time.

So imagine my happy surprise this morning, when another random SMS revealed Ronaldo to be on the road to Barrydale (an intriguing small town on Route 62 in the Western Cape) at the very moment Tanya and I were sitting down for breakfast at the fabulous Clarke of the Karoo in that very village.

Here we are (with Zippo the puppy and a football that Ronaldo insisted must be in the picture, to commemorate both his name and the World Cup happening here now), serendipitously together.

(Seriously, you MUST visit Clarke’s. It’s packed with fabulous stuff, and Mike Clarke’s Klein Karoo breakfast was resoundingly the best we had in our travels around the southern part of the country.)

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