Thursday, 24 June 2010

The Karoo is a searing-hot semi-desert, right?

Uh, ja. It gets about 400 mm of rain annually and the winter months are almost completely dry. And Nieu-Bethesda in the Karoo, where my friend Tanya and I have just spent some rather astonishing time communing with the spirit of the remarkable Helen Martins (and a girl ghost, about which more in another post), gets as little as 255 mm.

Most of it, apparently, in winter.

Above is a pic of the snow that was just melting as we arrived. Alongside is our car, early on Wednesday morning, with enough ice coating it to be able to write in it.

And below is me, huddled on the back verandah of Aandster, the house kindly loaned to us by long-time residents Katrin and Ian, trying to thaw in the early-morning sun. (Have cow pajamas, will travel.)

* For accommodation in Nieu-Bethesda, go to Katrin and Ian have a range of options to suit most tastes and pockets.

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ali g said...

Minus 7 here yesterday so followed your example and wrote 'ice ice baby' on my windscreen too.
The stone chick below looks a bit creepy...sort of Sodom & Gomorrah-ish

Muriel said...

The whole Owl House garden is kind of Sodom&Gomorrah-ish. It's amazing and creepy at the same time.