Wednesday, 5 May 2010

You think you’ve got it bad?

Fmylife is a fabulous site for a rainy day. It was introduced to me by my teenagers (see, they are good for something!).

Here's a selection of some of today’s posts.

* Today, while searching a dating site, I came across an account of girl with the same name and info as myself. She also had the same picture. The girl was me. My life is so loveless I signed up for the same dating site twice without realising it. FML

* Today, I realised the reason I’ve been jobless for over a year is because I’ve been writing the wrong phone number on every application I’ve filled out. FML

* Today, I talked to my friend about the idea of friends with benefits. After a long discussion about the ‘rules’ of the game and what's allowed and what isn't, I asked how he would feel about doing it with me. He asked how that would be beneficial for him. FML

* Today, I returned from a week off school due to flu. Not only did no one text or call me to see where I was, apparently everyone thought I had killed myself. FML

* Today, my girlfriend found my secret panty stash. Now she thinks I'm cheating on her with another girl, but I'm not. They're mine. FML

* Today, I looked in my wallet and discovered that over $200 was missing. I told my parents and found out that they have been taking money from my wallet for a year to pay for gas. FML

* Today, while riding a dirtbike, it caught a rut and went into a wheelie. I then veered into a fence. It was electrified. FML

* Today, I looked out of my window to see that one of my plastic geese had fallen over. I went to put it back up and quickly discovered that the goose wasn’t plastic. FML

* Today, I found out via text message that my son has had sex more times than me. He's 15. I haven't had sex since he was born. FML

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