Monday, 3 May 2010

The terribleness of Muriel's dog

The Monster Baby, as anyone who reads this blog often will know, is (like her owner) a dog of severe terribleness. I thought Muriel was exaggerating slightly when she described how the dog ate an entire couch.

She was not. I spent a night at Muriel's this weekend, on the occasion of the Olive Festival, and I was so astounded by what I saw that I took a photograph to show you the actual extent of the mayhem. What is more, Muriel is not in the slightest bit annoyed by what her dog has done to a perfectly good couch: in fact, like an indulgent aunt, she's fondly amused by this dervish of a dog and plans (now here is optimism for you) to have the couch 'refurbished' at some stage.

This only confirms my view that my old friend is now officially batty. Do you know that she also requires virtually no sleep, and can be found cheerfully packing dishwashers and clearing ashtrays at seven in the morning, after a night of carousing that would flatten a horse?  I can't help being envious: I crashed at around midnight, and it was only the next morning that I found that I had missed most of the jollifications, which included a late-night raid on a local restaurant, and the arrival of more interesting people.  I did, though, get a chance to meet a handful of Muriel's wonderful, clever friends, and to eat half a bucket of her delicious vegetarian bobotie (as soon as she sends me the recipe, I'll post the recipe on my food blog).

I'm so glad I live in the Cape now and can visit my friend more often.  We have the best time, Mur and I.

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ali g said...

good to see another picture of the ouch couch.
it's a reminder that life at home aint to bad after all...

Muriel said...

'Ouch couch' - love it! The most remarkable thing about this is that the very generous donor of the couch, my good friend Ronaldo, is also so fond of the Monster Baby that he and his woman, M, have volunteered to be her godparents! That's got to say something for the Monster's innate charm.

Anonymous said...

"The Monster Baby, as anyone who reads this blog often will know, is (like her owner) a dog of severe terribleness."

I hope this doesn't mean Muriel is a dog of severe terribleness. Freudian slip perhaps?

Muriel said...

Well, at the very least an HONORARY dog of severe terribleness.

perpiebirley said...

fuck, that is one well chewed couch. it makes diablodog seem quite benign.