Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Indestructible Wife and the Recalcitrant Cock

My friend Johann runs a busy household made up of three people (his partner, Lukas; the Indestructible Wife; and himself), six dogs (one of which is called Luka, leading to inevitable human/canine confusion), two cats and two chickens.

One of the chickens is this fine rooster, who goes by the (somewhat questionable) name of Nando. Nando is a real cock-of-the-walk who considers himself the alpha being in household, which creates stand-offs from time to time.

I can personally attest to Nando’s aggressive nature. Once, when Johann was away, and I went to feed his zoo, Nando came rushing over and tried to eat Luka (the dog’s) food. Luka is a small, fat, friendly poodle-like creature, and he immediately gave way to the big, bossy rooster. I, however, am bigger than Nando, and I wasn’t having any of it. ‘Get away from there, you stupid bird!’ I shouted, flapping my arms at him. He cocked his head and stared frostily at me out of one beady eye – then, when I turned my back, he had a good old peck at my unprotected calves.

The Indestructible Wife (who doesn’t like chickens; who, in fact, has a slight phobia about the things) and Nando have an extremely uneasy relationship. Nando, who struts about inside and outside the house, often standing on tables and crowing loudly, seems to sense that the Indestructible Wife is actually somewhat scared of him, and will, at the slightest provocation (and sometimes with no provocation at all), lash out at her.

Johann took these pictures of a recent confrontation. He swears the speech/thought bubbles reflect exactly what went down.

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ali g said...

nice chook

Muriel said...

Johann tells me that Nando has now taken to terrorising the gardener. So that's another guest to add to the Sunday Roast Dinner list.