Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A blog by a CAT??

Daryl Whackhead Simpson might call them ‘expressionless oxygen thieves’ (and I might call that projection), but I do find cats funny. Mainly because they so think they’re not.

But an entire blog written by a cat? C’mon.

I’ve never gone so far as to imagine how my cats might speak (or, heaven preserve us, write), but even if they did, I can’t think it would in a strange mix of Latino and Greenpoint-English. Perhaps Maui = English with a strong Malmesbury accent, given that he started life as Hendrik; Evanescence = wouldn't (brain damage from bad childhood); Artemis = Russian, definitely Russian (and then only when she deigned); Dental Floss = couldn’t (too high on heroin).

But then, this beeg blag cad is apparently Dominican. Anyway, check this out if you’ve got some spare time and you like cats. Don’t if you don’t.

(Thanks, Michele, for this thinkable link.)

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Estorbo said...

I theenk the esspression ees, Ja Nee? Yes?

Or no...Ees carmplicaded. Como your corntree.

Anyway, I yos wan'ed to say gracias por leenkeen' to my blarg. Sorm cad call ali g tole' me.

Eef Artemees was reeally Rossian maybe She(?) woul' say:

Bass, pliss to gyif me som wooawrdka weeyith my pyellets theeyis evanink?

I can' belieb you nebhair hord your cads speak.

Also thad you doan' know abou' the Coorious Phenarmenarn ob cad blargeen. Mose' ob them are total sheet.

ali g said...

A cat that writes a blog is my kind of cat.
Thanks for the link. Estorbo has a new fan!
Claude sitting next to me at the computer reading Estorbo's comment and smiling.
says he knows a Russian Blue who's into the wooawrdka.

Muriel said...

Thanks for stopping by salma, Estorbo. (I can't believe I've just written that - to a CAT!)