Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Sleeping al fresco

My house is an old Swartland one, with four bedrooms, three of which are the size of modest ballrooms; all three have king-size beds in them and one has, in addition, a single bed. In total, with fold-down couches, the inside of my house can comfortably accommodate the sleeping requirements of at least 10 people.

But it is, oddly, the verandah that appeals most to visitors as a venue for catching a few Zs.

I can understand this in the case of, for instance, my friend Hilton, who has a fierce allergy to cats. I have four, so Hilton always opts to sleep outside on one of the verandah divans (unlike, it must be said, the individuals illustrated here, who chose, respectively, one of the dogs’ baskets and the naked floor).

Hilton did have one unfortunate experience when, late at night, he chose the divan most favoured by the cats for daytime snoozes and grooming sessions, and as a result effectively slept on a bed of cat fur, and practically had to be resuscitated the next morning.

But that’s another story.

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