Monday, 22 February 2010

Victory is – at long last – MINE!

It’s taken almost three months and hordes of helpful advice from all comers, enough chemicals to start my own factory, an astonishing amount of water (for all the backwashing) and, more recently, daily input – but victory in the pool arena is at last mine!

For HTH’s interest, the Green to Blue wasn’t the success I was led by its advertising to believe it would be. Although it did make a marked (though temporary) difference to the colour of the water, it took another three weeks, considerably more chemicals of varying kinds, and rigorous physical input to restore the water to sparkling clarity.

But the timing is right: not only have temperatures in our valley finally begun hitting their normal summer-time sit-and-sweat highs, but my Aunt Janet is once again headed this way for an African holiday, and getting her into the pool is going to be a priority.

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