Thursday, 4 February 2010

Pool, boy

My relationship with my pool has been a little troublesome recently.

I was laid up late last year with Crumbling of the Spine and as a result the pool wasn’t cosseted and pampered in its usual way. It went green.

Many weeks went by while I lolled about in bed stoned on prescription painkillers (an interesting way, incidentally, to pass time), and although my housemate eventually tried to remedy the situation, alas: it was too little, too late. Even when my son took over pool-sweeping duties, summer’s heat had set in and the pool was just having none of it. Green it was, and green it stayed.

Today I had coffee at Lukas’s coffee shop, Heroines, in Riebeek West, with my friends Johann and Tanya (Maxi’s Mom), and while we were there we came to several conclusions.

1. Tanya and I needed to drink Bloody Marys.
2. Johann couldn’t join us because if he didn’t work the bank would take his house away.
3. If the next chemical cocktail I put in my pool didn’t work, Tanya was going to just bloody buy me a new Kreepy-Krawly.

As a result:
1. I went to buy tomato cocktails, celery and HTH Green to Blue while Tanya went back to her house to fetch vodka and Maxi.
2. Johann shot off for a quick look at his computer and decided that if the bank took his house away he could live in a tent in my garden.
3. We had to delay the Green to Blue treatment for several hours while we drank Bloody Marys and Maxi tried to come to terms with being the only Golden Retriever on the planet who’s too afraid to swim. (A long story, perhaps for another time.)

So here I am, late in the afternoon (okay, early in the evening, but Bloody Marys can steal time like that – much, incidentally, like prescription painkillers), dosing my clearly green pool with HTH Green to Blue.

HTH: watch this space.

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Claudine said...

LOL! Oh boy, ja that green muck gets in everywhere doesn't it? We're currently on our third round of green to blue....pool is still puke green.

Muriel said...

Oh dear, that's not very heartening, Claudine. Actually I'm quite impressed this morning - my pool is now a pleasing light-green colour, a kind of eau de nil (although still distressingly murky). It's halfway through the 24-hour filtering process and I'm photographing it regularly, so will be able to post success/failure (or any degrees of either) by tomorrow.

ali g said...

You may need to backwash the filter during the rehabilitation. Green muck definitely chokes them up somewhat.
spend half my life cleaning the damn pool here. Every time I go out the kreepy crawly seems to have half a tree jammed up it.
must get round to having a swim in it one day to see what its like.
Look forward to your progress results. [Its a pool boy thing]

Johann said...

Have you noticed the Unexplained Green Orb in the top right corner of the bottom photo??? Maybe your pool's posessed or being used by unearthly entities for, well, unearthly purposes? Better have a pool party to welcome them, just in case.