Thursday, 4 February 2010

Muriel and Juno do lunch. And breakfast.

My friendship with my esteemed co-blogger, Juno, goes back about 25 years. ‘I hated you on sight,’ is how Juno likes remembering our first meeting way back then, in the reception area of the publishing concern for which we would both work for a while. ‘Don’t worry,’ I tell her; ‘I have that effect on a lot of people.’

We were both single at the time, but since then we’ve been through our respective marriages (I was, in fact, one of the guests on Juno and her husband’s honeymoon – they took all their friends with them), the births of our five children, some business ventures, a couple of vicious cat-fights, as many tearful make-ups, my divorce, and Juno and her family’s move from Cape Town to Joburg and mine from the city to the country.

Over the last 10 years we’ve managed to get together three times: twice, terribly, on my verandah and once, equally terribly, in Juno’s living room, when I flew up there to do a story, and I still remember the ghastly hangover I dragged around Joburg with me the next day.

But now, oh joy of joys, Juno has returned to the Fairest Cape, so it was with great excitement that I braved the N7 on Sunday to meet her, her family and some friends at her new home for lunch. Which began civilisedly enough on her wide verandah at about 1pm and ended, terribly of course, in the early hours of Sunday morning.

(Juno fed us the most fabulous food – not for nothing is her other blog, Scrumptious, one of the most popular on the web. She promised to post the recipe for her Amazing Mussel Soup With Just A Touch Of Thai soon.) Postcript: here's that recipe.

After just enough sleep to remind our bodies what they were missing out on, it was up and into Monday. I sat on the sofa, fondling Velvet’s ears, watching Juno and her husband stage-manage the chaos that getting a family moving into a new week entails, and thanking the gods that my kids are no longer schoolgoers.

Juno and I then rootled off down into Hout Bay, where we had breakfast at a little place in the harbour called, ahem, Muriel’s Munchies – here I am, snapped by Juno, sunglasses hiding my bleeding eyes, after we’d had The Other Muriel’s yummy toasted cheese and tomato sarmies for breakfast.

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ali g said...

Wonderful. 'Muriel's Munchies' certainly looks the 'In place' to visit.

Juno said...

Mur, you are truly a one-man travelling party. Terrible. TERRIBLE. Whose idea was it to start on the whisky? I shake my fist in your general direction. Thank you for this affectionate post.

Ali, Muriel's Munchies is truly a little treasure. It's deep in the harbour, housed in a shipping container,and has an upstairs deck where you can watch seals lolling in the water while you munch on molten toasted cheese sarnies.

Muriel said...

Ay, Juno, I am so very very VERY happy you are back home. Here's to very many more terrible terriblenesses. x

蚵仔麵線Jeff said...