Monday, 8 February 2010

Green to greenish and back again

I began Operation HTH Green to Blue on Thursday evening, and here’s what’s happened so far.

Friday: Water a lovely light greenish colour; hope running high for full rehabilitation.

Saturday: No discernible change in water colour; on HTH’s advice, I put a flocculant block in the main leaf trap. A flocculant (such an excellent word – just this side of swearing) is ‘a substance added to a suspension to enhance aggregation of the suspended particles’, in other words, stuff that gathers up the gunge.

Sunday: Signs of serious recidivism (on the part of the pool, not me), but I was up until 2am drinking wine and behaving in a silly manner, so I ignored the pool and spent the day resting with a book over my eyes.

Today: More green than blue, alas. I backwashed but this caused the water level to drop too low, so I put the hosepipe in it, then went inside to quickly make a cup of coffee and forgot about it, and came out two hours later and the water was lapping the brickwork. So the gazillion additional litres of acidic municipal water will now also have to be treated, and I have a heart attack to look forward to when my water bill arrives at the end of the month.

I haven’t given up hope, though. I will tackle the problem afresh in the morning, and even if it means the water will literally be bubbling by the time I’m finished with it, by god it will be blue.

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ali g said...

Need a massive dump of chlorine to clear just looking at it. Dont know the concentrate level of your packet of 'green to blue' but going by the size of the pool and the size of the packet probably need 2 to 3 times the packets volume in chlorine to clear it.
also how effective is your filter.depending on type may need dismantling and cleaning out as well as the backwash.

Claudine said...

Eish, sorry you are still having problems. We are too, going to have to call the professionals in by the looks of it.

Johann said...

Just relax! I think it's a lovely shade of green. Let's all wear green cozzies and think up green cocktails and celebrate this marvelous green pool of yours!

Muriel said...

Johann, I do so appreciate your philosophy. Ali G, I did do a chlorine dump and also attended to the filter, and in fact this morning things were starting to looking distinctly bluer, then the effing Monster dragged the vacuum cleaner out the pool and bit through the pipe in several places. Anyone want a labrador/border collie cross, barely used?

ali g said...

New method for cleaning pool:-

Take Monster by the ears..look into her eyes and say..

"life's a bitch you bitch and now you die"

Then buy new pipe for creepy crawly and put in another dump of chlorine..
should fix it this time...

Muriel said...

Haha, Ali G! Tanya tells me that I have to COMPLETELY IGNORE the Monster as she is being attention-seeking. My instinct is nearer to your advice, however. I have, believe it or not, now fixed the pipe with packaging tape and am making progress. Pool is eau-de-nil once again and I have very high hopes for sparkling blueness in the nearish future.

Grahame said...

Time heals everything. Looks good now !