Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Clothing the generation gap

I’m not known for my dress sense, or not in a good way, anyway. This probably has something to do with being 6’ tall and having size 9 feet – woefully few are the clothing stores that cater for these Amazonian proportions. (And please don’t direct me to Big&Tall stores – my wardrobe is bizarre enough without adding to it the hideousness that is the stock-in-trade of those.)

As a result, when I find clothes or shoes that I like (or even that just fit me), I keep them forever. Hence my two-decade-long romance with my handmade Ugg boots (and, interestingly enough, and entirely by coincidence, I ran into Stefan, the man who made them for me, a few weeks ago; it was a very happy reunion).

Also as a result, for much of the last twenty years I’ve always been completely out of step with prevailing fashions. More recently, however, with the rise of ‘retro’ – gladiator sandals, flares, hippie prints, Empire lines and the like – I’ve found myself, unexpectedly, at the cutting edge of what’s hot. Thus, as mentioned in the post below, the constant drain on my wardrobe by my 18-year-old daughter.

This T-shirt, while admittedly not something that would make the fashion pages of Cosmopolitan, recently gained a new lease of life when my daughter found it in a suitcase of ‘old’ clothes (ie, clothes that I’m not wearing right at this second but probably will be at some stage in the not-too-distant future). My friend Ruth made it for me for my 23rd birthday – the screenprinted image of a dinosaur doing a handstand on a Volkswagen Beetle over the legend ‘Let’s say yes to another excess’ more or less summed up our lifestyle at the time.

The pic above, of me wearing the T-shirt, was taken in 1987; the one to the left, of my daughter wearing the same T-shirt, was taken on Sunday – 22 years later.

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ali g said...

On the strength of that, I recalled my old Dire Straits 1986 Australian Tour t-shirt which was buried somewhere in the clothes cupboard. Found it and was shocked that it was too small to pull on. However situation was relieved when Lady Chatterley came into the bedroom and said. 'That's my one dingbat, yours went to God years ago' she was wearing her current favourite t-shirt at the time which says 'je suis avec stupid'
...yes..I have one that has 'stupid' written on it as well...
No need to guess who bought them..