Monday, 28 December 2009

Remember the original MCQP parties?

A friend of my son’s recently gave me these pics – her dad’s, taken of him, me and friends about 15 years ago (!) of our first outings to the Mother City Queer Project parties. (For her, they are no doubt an oddity; for me, they are a memory: I went to the first four or five parties and didn’t once think to take any pics, so these were wonderful to get.)

This one is from the 1995 (second) party, the Secret Garden, held at the River Club, when we went as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. My abiding memory is of wearing practically nothing (just bikini pants, as I recall; and red body paint) and somehow contriving to walk home at 3am through Observatory (a suburb not known for its low crime statistics) unmolested. And waking up late the next morning wondering why my duvet looked like someone had just had their throat slashed on it.

This one is from the following year, 1996, the third MCQP project, the Twinkly Sea, when we were merfolk. We were much more modest then, and donned bathing suits. How sensible of us!

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