Thursday, 6 August 2009

Juno makes us drool on 702

Juno’s other blog, Scrumptious, is a veritable Swiss-roll of recipes intelligently and clearly written for people who love food but don’t want to be bamboozled by complicated instructions or hard-to-find ingredients. She regularly cooks for her family of husband and three kids (who, as they’ve grown, have ‘just got hungrier and hungrier’), and is a dedicated party girl.

She’s also confoundingly modest. She was interviewed recently by iconic South African journalist Jenny Crwys-Williams on Radio 702, along with a slew of eminent cookery writers, both local and international, and she didn’t say a thing about it. I only found out what she’d been up to when I was scrolling through Scrumptious for her latest deliciousnesses.

Click here for the interview. Juno’s bit is at the end, but the whole insert is just delightful.

I, of course, have no problem with blowing my own trumpet (something I learnt from my good friend Tony Park, although I haven’t yet finessed his ineffably charming way of doing it). My own fondness for Jennifer Crwys-Williams (and goodness, do I wish her name were easier to spell) stems from The Penguin Book of South African Quotations, which she edited several years ago (and which she’s since updated), and which neither my late sainted mother nor I, despite our best efforts, was ever able to track down. ‘Children are the shit detectors of the modern world’ was apparently a quote of mine that Jenny thought worthy of inclusion in her original edition, and which I didn’t know about until my friend Pippa, doing research for an article, found and told me about.

So, there we are: in some small way, I – and my opinion of children – am recorded for posterity. Along, of course, with Juno’s foodie blog, in eminent company – not necessarily the renowned chefs who shared the kudos with her on Jenny’s radio show, but a gaggle of dancing daisies on her windowsill. ‘They gyrate and wriggle when the sun hits them, and they cheer you on when you’re cooking.’ Yes!

* A hello? point in Jennifer Crwys-Williams interview was the BBC-style out-take on the chocolate guy. Can’t those stuffy peeps at the Beeb just get with it, for goodness’ sake? Not everything is a soap opera. Some things are just what they are.

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Juno said...

For this lovely post (thank you Mur) I am going to bring you a dancing daisy, or more, if I can find some. To cheer you on while you write.

Juno said...
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tonypark said...

Juno, you star.

I love Jenny, because she was kind enough to interview me last year and then, this year, even kinder to reply part of the interview on the same show that she was interviewing my favourite South African writer (other than Muriel and Juno), Deon Meyer.

Muriel, you really need to get on 702.

Allegedly, I'm going to be attending a function organised by Jenny in September.

Did I mention that I was interviewed by Jenny on 702. Oh, yes, I thin I may have.