Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Dean isn’t only a wine maker…

He also makes pecan pie.

Well, he did, recently, under my steely gaze. I am precious about my shortcrust pastry (which has to be made with VERY cold butter and VERY cold hands; Dean, bless him, has toasty hands, just like his heart), so the rolling part was accomplished with much concentration.

For pecan pie, you have to whip up quite a storm in a teacup: the syrup mixture (a disastrously delightful combination of butter, eggs, brown sugar, syrup and vanilla) has to be beaten until it foams. And that’s where Dean hands-upped.

So here I am (a girl who’s been around the block a few times) showing Dean how to properly spank a monkey. Clearly, bedroom skills are sometimes useful in a kitchen.

For the recipe (it’s very easy, honest), go to Scrumptious.

* Click here for a great review of Dean’s wine.

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1 comment:

tonypark said...

Spanking the monkey?

Anyone would think you'd been reading "Open", Muriel.