Friday, 5 June 2009

What do you give the boy who has everything? A snail house.

My daughter and her friend were invited to a 24th birthday party last weekend. They discussed at some length what to give the birthday boy for a gift, but couldn’t come up with anything they considered exciting enough that they could afford.

So they sat down and made him a Snail House.

Painted a cheerful orange and with a stylish pebble-dash floor, it contained a heart-shaped bed complete with cabbage-leaf cover, a tiny hi-fi system and a computer workstation (with a screensaver that read ‘pleasure in progress’). It had framed botanical prints (fitting for a snail) on the walls and cheerful dolphin-motif curtains at the windows.

I couldn’t wait to hear what the birthday boy had thought of his gift. When I asked my daughter the next day, she said, ‘He liked it, but he was a bit confused by it. He said, ‘‘Did you make this yourself?’’’

‘And you answered?’ I asked.

‘Well, duh,’ she said. ‘We said, ‘‘No, we ordered it from the Snail House Construction Company.’’’

Talent and wit!

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Juno said...

Oh Muriel, I love this idea, and I love your clever children. I am going to suggest it to Elinor, who spends much of her time making cardboard houses for her toys, and for the lab rat at her school.

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