Thursday, 28 May 2009

Tony Park talks sex

Two years ago I posted a little rant about the gratuitousness of literary sex scenes, and in it I fingered (sorry) Australian best-selling author Tony Park for the ghastliness of his in his then-latest book, Zambezi.

I’m glad I did, because Tony and I have ended up very good friends; but I’ll never stop being sorry for the mean-spiritedness of my post – mainly because Tony turned out to be one of the hardest-working, humblest authors I’ve ever met (humility is an extremely uncommon trait among writers). This is a man who takes criticism with an almost eerie cheeriness and whose gigantic success as an author hasn’t changed the fact that he’s a self-deprecating and very funny guy.

He’s now doing a series of podcasts (or ‘Parkcasts’, as he calls them), talking about his books and writing, and in his latest one, ‘The Rude Bits’, I get an honorary mention for my scathing review, and he even punts Open, the South African anthology of erotica I contributed to.

What a mensch.

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ali g said...

Constructive criticism though surely.
We chaps need all the help we can get in the funny business department.
Nothing worse than asking your lady...Was that good? and her replying...Was what good?

tonypark said...

Ah yes, as we say in the trade, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

And I salute, you, too, Muriel, for having the courage to reply to me when I cheekily replied to that first post "thanks for buying my book".

I learned so much from Open. As rude as I thought I was being, South Africa's top women writers (Muriel included) are much naughtier than I could ever be.

Thank you, good friend.