Thursday, 23 April 2009

Save Susan Boyle's eyebrows

With reference to the comment and link provided by Juno on my last post about Susan (below), Tina Brown's prognosis for Susan's eyebrows concerns me.

As a woman who has shaved her legs once in her life (when I was 17 and felt peer-pressured) and her armpits ditto (when I got married in a sleeveless dress, and my mother insisted I 'make a bit of an effort, dear'), I LOVE Susan's eyebrows.

They are exactly as they were made, and they frame Susan's unusual face in exactly the way they need to.

PLEASE let the powers-that-be leave Susan's eyebrows alone. If it's time, as Tina says, for getting over ourselves (and, boy, is it!), it's also time for seeing beauty in a new, kinder, wider, more humane light. There are thousands of ways to be beautiful.

For salma readers who were not conscious in the 80s - for whatever reason - here's cover girl Brooke Shields bucking convention. How gorgeous are her eyebrows?? (Sadly, 'beauty' was brought to bear: she plucked them in the '90s.)

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