Friday, 27 March 2009

Trevor Manuel: criticising Dalai Lama is like shooting Bambi

It's hard to believe that the knuckleheads in the ANC cabinet could make bigger fools of themselves over the Dalai Lama saga than they already have, but the fun's not over, folks.

Listen to what our esteemed Finance Minister Trevor Manuel - someone from whom I would expect better - had to say yesterday.

"To say anything against the Dalai Lama is, in some quarters, equivalent to trying to shoot Bambi," he said.

"Let's put our cards on the table. Who is the Dalai Lama? I've heard him described as a god. I've heard him described as Buddha.

"Is he just the spiritual leader of the Buddhists in Tibet, or is he the one who on March 28 1969 established a government-in-exile in the same way as Taiwan was established to counter the reality of a single China?" Link.

Well, gee, Trev, I'm scratching my head.

And there's still more: The reason the Dalai Lama wants to visit South Africa “is to make a big global, political statement about the secession of Tibet from China,” Manuel said in an election debate hosted by the University of Cape Town today. “We shouldn’t allow him to raise a global issue that will impact on the standing of South Africa.” Link.

Heaven forbid anyone would want to raise a big, global, political statement about the suppression of human rights, Trev. Thank goodness the rest of the world remained tjoepstil during the darkest days of apartheid.

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MzHartz said...

This whole Dalai Lama business is making your country look bad. He's basically another major religion's version of the Pope, yet would they be treating the Pope this way?

Juno said...

Why, indeed, MzHartz? Could it have anything to do with massive donations from China into the coffers of the ruling party? Naah, they wouldn't be so self-serving.

Johann said...

How clever of the government to get Uncle Trevor to make this statement . . just about the only politician left with any credibility internationally. Sies, Trevor!
Selling your soul for Chinese trinkets.

Juno said...

Agree, Johann. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Honestly, I'm ashamed of this government.

Dave said...

Nothing the ANC,say, or do surprises me anymore.

Banana republic run by vagabonds thieves,cheats, alcoholics, idiots.............