Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Round-up: the best back-slappery and bitchery of the SA Blog Awards

There's bound to be a bit of back-biting, bitching and vote-whoring when it comes to the SA Blog Awards (I've been guilty of this myself in the past), so I was amused to see this graphic, which just about sums it all up. (Click on the pic for a large image) This comes from Scroobl, a daily geek cartoon about social media, web 2.0 and the mobile web:

For once, I'm not going to add my two cents' worth (as this blog and my other are, ahem, finalists) but I can point you in the direction of some of the more interesting hissy-fits and shouty-crackers* posted in the past few weeks.

Tertia Albertyn, the grande fromage of South African bloggers, says that the moaning, bitching and pouting that attends the blog awards "never fails to irritate the living shits out of me."

"Each year they [the complainers] see the SA Blog Awards as an opportunity to moan, bitch and point fingers. I read a complaint that the results aren’t audited. OMG people! WTF! Get a fucking grip on yourself!" she writes. (Tertia is one of this year's judges.)

The auditing suggestions Tertia's referring to come from a post on aquilaonline, in which the writer (a past judge of the awards) raises some issues about the rules, alleging that some rules have been "bent". He, too, receives some interesting comments.

Kurt Ackerman of Afrika Tourism reckons, in a long, thoughtful post, that the awards are "meaningless fluff'' , and receives, for his sins, some positive feedback from commenters, as well as a few swift snotklaps from dissenters.

There are some more interesting observations at One Large Prawn.

POSTSCRIPT: Some comments from Wonkie.com: "If the organisers, 24.com and other sponsors want to have some credibility with Awards of this type, they should at least check to ensure that their nominations are valid and include a fair representation of the country’s readers when selecting their numerous judges. Hmmm… I wonder if this will qualify for next year’s Most Controversial Posts award! LOL.@

* According to Toby Young's book How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, 'shouty-crackers' is Hugh Grant's special word for a tantrum.

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Muriel said...

Shouty-crackers? How very fab. I've always loved Hugh Grant, now I love him even more. I will definitely be quoting him in the future.

Aquila said...

haha I'm sure one day we'll all laugh about it. Good luck with your nomination.

Sizwe said...

LOL think your diagram is brill - says it all! Still, it's fascinating to see how defensive the judges get when people make purely objective observations on their awards/ nominations process (e.g. winner of the best post in 2008 was written in... Feb 2009! ermm... whatever) - it's all pretty arbitrary but still it was nice to be runner up in a couple of categories given Wonkie Cartoons had only been alive for a few months.