Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Madonna accused of baby-trafficking: not Madge, surely?

Here's a picture of Madonna posing briefly before she headed into a Lilongwe court for an adoption hearing. No, I'm kidding: Her Madgeness wore something entirely more prissy heading into court for her appointment with the judge who will decide whether she can adopt Malawian orphan Mercy James. The picture with the bandages and thrusting pelvis (God, Madge and her Vag*: why does she think we want it in our faces?) was taken in January to promote her album Hard Candy.

According this report from the ever-salacious Daily Mail, Mabvuto Bamusi, executive director of Malawi's Human Rights Consultative Committee, branded Madonna a "child kidnapper" .

“In the absence of clear laws and procedures what is happening in this case amounts to child trafficking or kidnapping,” added leading Malawian human rights activist Mavuto Bamusi, according to the Cape Times.

I have very mixed feelings about this. I just loathe the idea of this woman swanning into Africa and picking up a baby as if she's choosing a new handbag from a catalogue. ("Make sure it's a thin orphan. But not too thin.") Yes, yes, I know the child will be saved from a life of hardship, and will live like a princess for the rest of her days, fawned over by nannies, sent to the finest schools, heaped with every luxury money can buy. But I'm sorry, I think every baby needs an attentive mummy, or daddy, or both, and, if I were the judge, I would ask Madonna exactly how much face-to-face, personal time she actually intends to devote to this child every day.

I'm sorry to sound sanctimonious, but any whiff of money lingering around any adoption process just appalls me. And I can promise you that if Madonna were some penniless schoolteacher from a run-down council estate in the UK, she wouldn't stand a chance of adopting a Malawian orphan - no matter how big her heart or noble her intentions.

* On the subject of Madonna's crotch, this is what British writer Julie Burchill had to say: "I've never to my knowledge shown Madonna my vagina, for instance, but she's certainly shown me - and countless others - hers, in that vile book SEX. Visions of that greasy muff, which one could easily have fried an egg on without benefit of oil, haunt me till this very day. But if a 'civilian' goes around showing their genitals, they're arrested!"

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Jackie said...

Thanks for visit :)

What upsets me here is that the children have relatives. Why hasn't she taken kids with no family, there are thousands of them now in Africa?

I actually find her quite revolting lately.

Juno said...

Thanks Jackie. How, do you think, does she choose the orphan she wants to adopt? Do you think she asks a scout to choose the most needy orphan? Or perhaps - this makes me feel ill - she's given a shortlist, with photos.

Jackie said...

Probably the adoption people just as guilty. I am sure they send a short list of the pretty, AIDS and TB free kids to the rich.

ali g said...

number of pics this sheila has put out of herself spread out on a bed she ought to change her name to Madoona

Juno said...

lol at Ali.

ali g said...

cripes that was quick