Thursday, 26 March 2009

Front bottoms: people search for the oddest things.

The free stat counter on this blog thoughtfully provides keyword analysis - in other words, it lets me know what search terms brought visitors to this site.

Reading through the list of recent keyword activity (below) made me snort coffee from my nostrils, and then, when I'd stopped laughing, wonder whether Muriel and I should try to raise the tone of the Salmagundi a little.

The front bottoms and knicker inspections I can sort of understand (see Front-bottoms and other silly words for private parts and Broekies are a dying breed).

But who on earth is searching for 'nun neck collar porn'? Or 'sherin heroin bathroom scene'?

Or, for that matter, 'What to do when you hate your dog'?

I'll be jiggered if I know.

The list:

  • front bottoms
  • madonna's poor health due to african juju
  • petition support barbara hogan dalai
  • restaurant gordon ramsay cape town
  • jokes from the sixties
  • skinny malinky long legs big banana feet
  • what you can buy for R20000
  • rhodesians a dying breed
  • translate: snotklap
  • tits and hips
  • jokes from the 60's
  • hope poster parodies
  • snake strangles cat
  • how to complain about a doctor's receptionist
  • jozi taxis
  • nun neck collar porn
  • sjambok weapon book
  • knicker inspection
  • alcoholism blogspot
  • rhymes playground elastics
  • shocking magazine advertisements
  • spooky goings on at isandlwana
  • sherin heroin bathroom scene
  • fungus the bogeyman quotes
  • harley vrot
  • how dirty is the keyboard
  • absolut mango vagina
  • what to do when you hate your dog

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