Thursday, 26 February 2009

Kissing ban: I don’t know whether to laugh or cry

Regular readers of salmagundi may recall that in my blogs of 24 and 27 December last year I did quite a bit of moaning about the annoying predilection of the Brits for unashamed Public Displays of Affection. So when I read that a train station in the UK had banned kissing on the platform, I was thrilled. I even hoped that they might extent the snogging stoppage to the interiors of various forms of public transport (I was subjected to PDAs in the Tube and on a coach).

Then I realised that this is actually just yet another rule in a country that my British cousin aptly called a ‘nanny state’, intent on thoroughly suffocating the free will of its people by wrapping it up in so many regulations that it can barely breathe.

Whatever happened to simply exercising a bit of self-control?

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1 comment:

ali g said...

Exactly..the last time I kissed a woman in public she said.."Do I know you?'