Wednesday, 7 January 2009

There is probably no God

How cheering it was to me, as a happy atheist, to see that buses and tube stations in the UK are carrying adverts with the slogan: "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."

This is the most positive public announcement I've heard for at least the last 2000 years.

According to a report in The Scotsman, a total of 600 buses in Scotland, England and Wales and 200 bendy buses in London will carry the slogan following a fundraising drive that raised more than £140,000.

'The fundraising drive was prompted by a suggestion from comedy writer Ariane Sherine,' says the report, 'who received support from the British Humanist Association and atheist campaigner Richard Dawkins.

'Ms Sherine said she had objected to a set of Christian advertisements running on London buses.'

If you're religious, these adverts may well offend and outrage you. But why so? Isn't it time we atheists had a say? Just a tiny little squeak of protest?

(Before you bleed from the eyeballs, hurl Bibles at me, and try to exorcise the demon that has taken over my brain, read this report, from The Guardian. )

Just to annoy all you Christians (and yes, I'm allowed to do that: after all, you've been badgering and intimidating me and my ancestors for centuries), I've pinned these cuttings up on my family notice board, to loud cheers from my wild, heathen children.

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MzHartz said...

How timely, I've been "discussing" this with a friend for the past day. While I found the signs refreshing, he doesn't believe that there isn't an ulterior motive for the signs. I think he views it as an attack on his beliefs. I'm discouraged that non-christians can't reach out to one another without encountering this type of attitude.

If you're interested, the discussion is on the Freeze Frame Radio forum: in a thread named Atheist Buses. Please don't judge our group just by that thread though. We're usually a fun, easy going group, all listening to a radio station that brought us together.

Johann said...

Oh Juno, you've hit a nerve with me! After living in Saudi Arabia for 3 years, carrying the Igama of an Unbeliever(read pass book - to be presented at any time), I had enough of mono-religious fanatics.
To my absolute horror I came home to the platteland, only to find blazing electric crosses on every hilltop and signs like "this Valley for JC".
So you're not welcome if you are a Hindu, or a Muslim, or indeed an atheist??? It was a real struggle with my inner peacful one not to creep about with a pair of wire cutters!

Juno said...

Thanks for the comments!

MzHartz, I had a look at the discussion, and I largely agree with what you say. Interesting site, by the way - am looking forward to exploring it.

Johann, dude, you and I need to get together over a couple of tequilas (care to join us MzHartz?)

MzHartz said...

Tequila? Heck yeah! I just, um, need a rather expensive plane ticket.

Or, should I say Hell yeah, because by Heck yeah, I'm assuming there is no hell and therefore no God?

Oh no, I've gone crosseyed.