Friday, 16 January 2009

Gordon Ramsay to open a f**king restaurant in Cape Town

Foul-mouthed chef-entrepreneur Gordon Ramsay has teamed up with our Sol Kerzner to open a new restaurant in Cape Town. Hotelsmag reports that the big bad boykie of British cuisine will open a branch of his restaurant maze at One&Only, Kerzner's ultra-swanky new resort on the V&A Waterfront.

According to the report, the restaurant will showcase local seafood and game as well as fresh produce from organic South African farms. Oh goody. I am really looking forward, on my next trip to Cape Town, to seeing what's on the menu. Fucking Perlemoen with Kelp Froth? Naai-Zna Oysters? Fokof Fries? Jou Ma se Soup?

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