Monday, 1 December 2008

Another blogger feels the lash

Nothing spoils my day like the news that a blogger has been threatened for voicing his or her opinion. First, Cape Town blogger and theatre critic Megan Choritz felt the lash across her pitiful shoulders, and now another local blogger, Donn Edwards, is being sued for defamation for criticising the RCI-affiliated Quality Vacation Club. In short, his wife was told she'd won a car, but when the Edwardses arrived at the 'prize-giving ceremony' they found that it was just another timeshare marketing shindig. Has this company, and its legal advisors, never heard of the Streisand Effect? Do the words 'laughing stock' and 'Justin Nurse' not ring any bells with them?

If you've also been 'scammed', here's how you can help Donn.

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Muriel said...

I was told once that I had won a stereo system but that I had to travel to a certain place at a certain time to collect it. Given that it was in a different town, at rush hour, I asked VERY SPECIFICALLY if I had won it, or if I was going to have to sit through a time-share spiel, only to find out subsequently that I hadn't won it. No, no, the man assured me: I had actually won it, all I had to do was go and collect it. Guess what? It was a time-share scam - and I had won a big fat zilch. I wrote to Carte Blanche about it, giving them all the names, places and other details, but they never came back to me. It's high time somebody shopped these crooks. They are a time-wasting menace.

蚵仔麵線Jeff said...