Monday, 24 November 2008

Facebok adveerts: who rites this garbach? And you mite be ugly

Do you ever lock at Facbook adveerts, and have you noticed how dreadfull they are?

Ok, I realize that each advertizer is limitted to about twentry words, but is this realy and excuse for such sloopy speeling and punctuashion?

It's bad enough that I'm assailed by these annoying adverts every time I try to have a quiet game of Scramble, but tonight I discover that there may be three or more people in my own home town who might think I am ugly.

Here is the offending ad, which contains my own secret name, blanked out so that you won't throw bricks at me:

Do you think I should click on the link? Do you think I should be offended at the fact that Facebook has allowed this advertiser to harvest my name, and use it in a customised advert, with the clear purpose of being really stupid?

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