Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Why we still live in South Africa: a majestic whale in Kalk Bay

A friend sent me these heart-stopping pictures, in an email with the subject line, 'Life in the far South still has its moments'.

And in the body of the email, he said, 'I'm trying to see how many people I can send this to, and how to work into the conversation the sentence, “Oh, yes, that's the view from my balcony in Kalk Bay”.' What he means is that he's going to send these pictures to everyone who has left South Africa on the grounds that life here is kak.

Click on pic for a bigger image

Well, it's not actually the view from my friend's balcony, but his friend took the pics close to his balcony last week. Look at the mountains. Admire the turquoise sea... and how about the colour of the sky? How deathly blue is that?

Click on pic for a bigger image

Can anyone identify this big lovely? It looks like a Southern Right Whale to me, but I'm no whale expert.

Thanks James, and whoever took these pix.

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