Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Dead bunny on winning T-shirt: who killed Flopsy?

A dead bunny skewered by chopsticks is the winning design of Big Blue's Makhulu Polane T-shirt design competition. The winning designer, Gerrit Breitenbach, of Johannesburg, has scooped the R20 000 cash prize, and his T-shirts will be sold in all Big Blue and Kitsch & Kool stores this November and December. Breitenbach, is of course, no loather of bunnies; his brilliant design is a reference to Bunny Chow, a unique and iconic South African dish consisting of a hollowed-out half loaf of white bread filled with curry.

'The Bunny Chow is a very simple affair consisting of a hollowed-out quarter, half or full loaf of bread filled with any available curry including beef, mutton, chicken or beans,' writes Allan Jackson, author of Facts About Durban. ' The Bunny Chow should be freshly made out of mature curry and the piece of bread, or virgin, which was removed to make room for the curry should be placed on top of the Bunny before it is wrapped. Some chefs add sambals to their Bunnies but many feel that this is an unnecessary elaboration. ' More here.

But back to the competiton. Here are some of my favourites among the top 30 designs. See the rest at Big Blue's website or on Facebook

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Big Makhulu said...

Cool post and nice that you picked your faves - Gerrit also designed the 'Komkommer' and 'Vuisboek' - clever dude :)

Juno said...

Really? Well then he is a bloody deserving winner.

Davie H said...

Wow - that brought back memories! Of being 19 years old in 1970 and hitchiking from Joburg to Durban intending to sleep on the beach. Bunny chow was all I could afford to eat at 5c for a half-loaf of vegetable curry. Fortunately I was saved from sleeping on the beach by a group of evangelical Christians in a mini bus.